UK Temporary Worker Visa – Short-term Visa for Seasonal Work

Many people who go to work in the UK plan to work for a long time – multiple years at least. However, you can still enter the UK to work for a relatively short time on a short-stay visa. One of such visas is the Temporary Worker Visa. Read on to find out more about the visa, including how you can apply.

What Is the UK Temporary Worker Visa?

The UK Temporary Worker Visa is the Seasonal Worker Visa. It was previously known as the Temporary Worker – Seasonal Worker visa (T5).

The visa permits you to enter the UK and work in horticulture. It’s a relatively simple visa that lasts for six months.

Horticulture involves jobs such as picking fruit and vegetables or flowers. 

Previously, Temporary Worker Visa holders were able to do poultry work, drive vehicles to transport food, or work in butchery. However, these jobs were removed after the visa was upgraded.

You also cannot work in a permanent position, access public funds, bring beneficiaries, or take up a second job not described in your sponsorship certificate.

Nevertheless, you’re not limited to working in the UK. You can also study, although you’ll need an Academic Technology Approval Scheme certificate for some courses.

Like the UK Skilled Worker and the Health and Care Worker Visa, the Temporary Worker Visa requires sponsorship. You must also meet certain requirements to qualify.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements?

The two main eligibility requirements for the UK Temporary Worker Visa is a job offer and sufficient funds to support your stay.

You must provide a certificate of sponsorship from your employer to confirm your job offer. Note that only an approved UK employer with a sponsor license can issue you a certificate of sponsorship.

It’s not a physical certificate but a digital one. In most cases, you’ll only need the certificate reference number instead of the full copy.

The UK Home Office demands that you have at least £1,270 in your bank account to qualify for the Temporary Worker Visa.

You need this money to support your stay, and you must have had it for 28 days in a row. The 28th day must not be more than 31 days before you submit your application.

Your UK employer may decide to support your stay in the country. In that case, you won’t need to meet the financial requirement. If your employer is supporting your stay, they should state it in your certificate of sponsorship.

Notably, the UK Temporary Worker Visa doesn’t have a minimum salary requirement. Hence, it doesn’t matter how much you’ll be paid. You can apply insofar as you have a job offer.

Required Documents For The UK Temporary Worker Visa

As a short-term visa, the UK Temporary Worker Visa doesn’t require as many documents as the long-term visa. Check out the documents you’ll need below:

  • A valid international passport or other travel document.
  • Certificate of sponsorship to confirm your job offer. The certificate must feature your job title, UK employer, salary, and employer’s license number.
  • Proof that you have enough funds to sponsor your stay or that your employer will sponsor you.

That’s all. However, the UK Home Office May still request additional documents like a police record, for example. It depends on the circumstances of your application.

UK Temporary Worker Visa Processing Fee

The UK Temporary Worker Visa attracts a £259 processing fee. You must pay this fee after submitting your application online; else, the UK Home Office won’t process your application. You’ll make payment online.

Aside from the processing fee, you also need to have enough money to support your stay, as explained earlier.

Unlike many other UK work visa types, you can’t pay for priority or super-priority service to get a faster verdict on your application.

In addition, since you won’t be staying in the UK for up to a year, you won’t be paying the annual healthcare surcharge.

Application Procedure For The UK Temporary Worker Visa

This UK Temporary Worker Visa requires an online application. You can start the application up to three months before you plan to start working in the UK. On your certificate of sponsorship, you’ll find the date. 

You’ll have to provide identification as part of your application. Depending on where you’re from and the sort of passport you have, this can be done in a variety of ways. 

You can have fingerprints and a photo taken at a visa processing center. Alternatively, you can create or sign into your UKVI account and scan your identity document with the “UK Immigration: ID Check” app. 

When you submit your application, the UK Home Office will instruct you on the subsequent steps you need to take. Notably, you may need to visit the embassy or visa application center for an appointment.

If you do, the center may need to retain your passport and other documents while they process your application.

After you apply online, show proof of who you are, and send in your documents, you should get a verdict on your visa within three weeks. The UKVI will send you an email when a decision is made.

Duration Of The Temporary Worker Visa UK

Suppose your application for a UK Temporary Work Worker Visa to work in the horticulture industry is approved. In that case, you will be given permission to enter and remain in the UK for the duration of the job listed on your Certificate of Sponsorship.

Furthermore, you get a maximum of 14 days before and after that duration. The duration can also be for six months during any 12 months. Ultimately, the UK Temporary Worker Visa cannot be valid for more than six months.

UK Temporary Worker Visa Extension

If you entered the UK on a UK Seasonal Worker visa, you are not eligible to request a stay extension from within the country. You must leave the country and apply for a new visa from outside.

Likewise, it is impossible for anyone in the UK through another immigration route to “transition” to the Seasonal Worker route.

Such a person must leave the UK and apply for entry clearance from a different country if they have a sponsor.

Can I Bring Dependents?

You’d agree that the UK Temporary Work Visa (Seasonal Worker visa) doesn’t have many privileges. As a result, you won’t be able to bring your dependents into the country.

If your spouse or unmarried children wants to join you in the UK, they must apply for a different visa, independent of yours.

Other Types Of Temporary Worker Visa

While the Seasonal worker visa is a Temporary Work visa, other UK short-term visas are temporary.

Many people mistake these visas, and you should know the difference. Hence, aside from the Seasonal worker, here are other types of UK Temporary Worker Visas.

Creative Worker Visa and International Sportsperson Visa

You can apply for any of these two Temporary Worker Visas if you want to perform or work as a sportsperson, entertainer, or creative artist in the UK for up to 12 months. 

Prior to their separation, the two routes were combined and known as the Tier 5 Creative and Sporting Visa. 

Sportspersons must either be internationally recognized in their area or have a job that significantly advances the growth and operation of their sport at the highest level in order to qualify for an international sportsperson visa. 

You need a sponsor and a current sponsorship certificate with an established governing organization’s endorsement to apply. The UK’s celebrities and sports guests are not eligible for this category.

Government Authorised Exchange Visa

People entering the UK under approved programs fall under the heading of Government Authorized Exchange. People within this category must strive to experience British social and cultural life and exchange knowledge, expertise, and best practices. 

For this visa, you must be sponsored by an authorized UK sponsor, and the work, training, or research you do there must be related to the operations of your sponsoring organization. 

Depending on the program you’re applying for, the Government Authorized Exchange Visa will let you stay in the UK for either 12 or 24 months.

International Agreement Worker Visa

People who come to the UK on a contract to perform work subject to international law fall under the International Agreement Category. Examples of such work include performing services for a foreign government or acting as a contractual service provider. 

If any of the following holds true, you might be qualified for the International Agreement Worker Visa: 

The General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) or comparable agreements between the UK and other nations protect your work. 

The client is an international organization or foreign government. 

In a diplomatic residence or the home of an employee of an international organization, you will be employed as a private servant. 

Depending on what you’ll be doing in the UK, your stay on an international agreement worker visa may be longer or shorter. You may stay for up to two years if employed by a foreign government or living in a diplomatic residence as a private servant. 

If you are doing a service under contract, you are permitted to remain for six months out of every twelve.

If the UK-EU Trade Cooperation Agreement covers your work, you may stay for 12 months; if it is covered by the Temporary agreement between the Swiss Confederation (Switzerland) and the UK on services mobility, you may stay for 12 months within a 24-month term.

Charity Worker Visa

Foreign people planning to do voluntary work for a UK charity can apply for a temporary work visa known as the “Charity Worker Visa.” Job done on the Charity Worker Visa must be temporary and without compensation. The visa allows you to stay in the UK for up to a year.

Religious Worker Visa

People traveling to the UK for pastoral or non-pastoral work or employment in a religious order such as a monastery or convent fall under the “Religious Workers” category. 

Religious workers are permitted to be paid for their services, unlike charity worker visas. The Religious Visa has a 24-month maximum validity period.

Youth Mobility Scheme

A sort of Temporary Worker Visa is the youth mobility visa, but this visa is unique from the other T5 Temporary Worker Visas. Young people from participating nations and territories who want to experience life in the UK can do so through the Youth Mobility Scheme. Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan are some of these nations. 

Holders of Youth Mobility Visas are permitted to stay in the UK for up to 2 years, but they are not allowed to extend their stay or bring family members. 

The Youth Mobility Visa does not need applicants to have a job offer in the UK, unlike other Temporary Worker Visas. Instead, your host during your stay will be your country’s government.

Based on your country, age, and upkeep finances, you must receive 50 points. Additionally, to apply, you must reside outside of the United Kingdom.

Bottom Line

The UK Temporary Worker Visa, or seasonal worker visa, lets you come to the UK to work in specific jobs for a short while.

With the information in this post, you should know how to go about your visa application. If the seasonal worker visa isn’t suitable for your type of temporary job offer, you can check out the other UK Temporary Worker Visas listed.